Empowering People is Crucial to Agility

“We have been trying to create the tools and the platforms that empower people to do this [ownership], because most people in most large organisations have a lot of helplessness. They believe those processes are run by somebody else – I can’t change those, I can’t… – and so helping people get over that learned helplessness, giving them the tools so they can start that conversation in their own organisation.

Probably, the biggest barrier to this happening is that most of us have grown up in and around a traditional organisation. When it comes to changing something your first impulse is to look up and ask for permission. I think with the generation coming, the first impulse is to look sideways and build a coalition and enough influence that then you start to make something happen. That doesn’t mean you’re an anarchist, it means you’re an activist. You can love your organisation, you want it to do well, but you’re not sitting around for somebody to give you permission.” 21.10.2014  @ “Gary Hamel: What I mean when I talk about innovation”.  ( See more LBS articles )



Faculty and Research (10.01.14).

Gary Hamel: What I mean when I talk about innovation.

Retrieved from London Business School Review

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