The Systemic Business Pathfinder  is a governance method that helps to identify the internal causes for almost any individual, team or organisational effectiveness issue. The ultimate goal is to minimize frictions and to improve the performance of a company.

The holistic analysis looks at 7 crucial and inter-related parts of your business, as well as the company culture. It leads to an understanding of where conflicts within an organisation originate, where and how to manage interfaces in order to grow healthily.

Here is an overview of the different versions:


To our Freemium Version:

Please note that we capture some basic details before the report is being displayed online. We do this in order to guarantee that we are dealing with genuine people. We invested an incredible amount of time, resources and thinking in order to create the Pathfinder and would like others to honour our efforts.

We will not use your details. The report will ONLY be displayed so please copy chapter 2 and 3 if you want to talk to us about it (pathfinder[at]

So, if you are still interested in trying out our fairly short but insightful version, please go to